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The Redstart Primary School welcomes top athlete Posted on: 16/02/2022

The Redstart Primary School welcomes top athlete

The Redstart Primary School –Welcomed record breaking Rich Parker The Redstart Primary School (part of The Redstart Learning Partnership) in collaboration with ‘Sports for Schools’ received a visit last week from Rich Parker, number one ranked halfpipe inline skater in the United Kingdom.  Physical activity was put on a par with academic excellence and mental health for the day to excite, inspire and motivate the children to lead fit and healthy lives.  Rich has been rollerblading since he was just 10 years old and qualified as a professional skater by the age of 17. Since 2004 he has travelled around the world competing at the highest level. Rich won a silver medal at the 2011 X-Games and is the European Champion. He is still the number one ranked UK half-pipe inline skater and he was the second person in the world to ever land a double blank flip 180 on a half-pipe! During Rich’s visit he ran a fun fitness circuit with the children and then delivered an inspirational assembly.  Rich is a fantastic role model who showed the children that the power of hard work, grit and determination and perseverance can help you achieve your dreams.  Rich inspired the Redstart children and the school raised lots of money and he even jumped some teachers in the hall! Rebecca Collins Head of School said: “It was so lovely for the children to meet Rich and watch him show off his talents. He spoke with such passion and knowledge and the children were transfixed.” A spokesperson for The Redstart Learning Partnership said: “Physical and mental wellbeing is so important for our children. We were delighted to see a top athlete attend one of our schools to excite and inspire the children and to get them involved in fun circuits.  The pictures make the day look like lots of fun with the added advantage of raising funds for a good cause. We are just grateful that the teachers remained in one piece!”Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
TRLP are delighted to share Minerva's recent Ofsted report Posted on: 2/02/2022

TRLP are delighted to share Minerva's recent Ofsted report

Minerva Primary School make rapid improvements and take effective action according to Ofsted Minerva Primary School (which is part of The Redstart Learning Partnership) have made a significant and positive impact on the children’s education in a short space of time. Following an OFSTED inspection at the school on 14th January 2022, Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) identified that the leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action. The inspectors recognised how the school is building on their previous strengths and making rapid improvements as they continue their journey to make Minerva outstanding in every aspect of school life. The report (which can be found on the school website) identifies that the team are bringing about rapid improvements in the necessary areas. Gareth Nation (Head of School) said: “The children, every member of staff, the wider leadership team and Trustees have pulled together to ensure immediate impact that benefits all of the children; they are at the heart of every decision we make and I am thrilled to be able to recognise everyone’s achievements as we continue to grow in strength. This is an exciting time for the school and we have laid solid foundations to provide the very best for our amazing children.’ Suzanne Flack (CEO) said “Since joining the school in September Mr Nation has created a strong vision for the school. His commitment to the pupils shines through everything that he does. The staff at the school have embraced new opportunities and have welcomed the additional support provided by a range of colleagues from across the Trust. We recognise the school still needs to move forwards but with the excellent progress OFSTED noted I am confident that Mr Nation and his team are well placed to ensure this happens.”   The school’s vision, ‘Growing together making the impossible…possible’ permeates every aspect of the school and the OFSTED report recognises the school’s many strengths. Some of the comments from the report can be seen below. Despite the limitations caused by COVID-19, leaders have taken swift and decisive action. The English and mathematics curriculums have been strengthened. Leaders have improved the English and early reading curriculums successfully. Well- informed staff teach pupils to read effectively. Staff follow the school’s phonics programme consistently. Leaders have introduced a well-planned and sequenced guided reading curriculum. This is helping pupils to deepen their understanding of the texts they read. Pupils’ use of vocabulary is becoming more sophisticated due to leaders’ focus on spoken language. From the moment they start school, children are exposed to classrooms that have plenty of books and printed resources, such as labels and posters. Children in the early years enjoy daily poetry, rhyme and song. Pupils feel safe and well cared for. The curriculum is enhanced by opportunities to visit and learn from others. Leaders have sharpened their systems to identify pupils with speech and language needs quickly. They (the Core Group who are responsible for governance) hold leaders to account for their actions to improve the school and check the progress of curriculum improvements. Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

3 Blog Posts found

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