About Us

The Redstart Learning Partnership was formed in March 2015 when The Redstart Primary School, Castle Primary School and Buckland St Mary Primary School joined together. Right from the start the Trust was keen to be a real partnership where each school contributes to the overall development of the Trust. This commitment to a collaborative partnership has continued as the organisation has grown over the last 6 years. 

Central to all of our work is developing a high quality curriculum which is designed to equip all of our youngsters with the skills to access a rich and fulfilling life whilst contributing to the wider world. Underpinning a rich and varied Trust offer each school is able to tailor it's curriculum to specifically meet the needs of its community.

We are extremely proud of the dedicated professionals who work in all roles across our organisation. We recruit high calibre individuals and are able to offer them excellent career development opportunities through our CPD offer and Talent Management programme. We prioritise staff health and wellbeing as part of our commitment to our employees. 

If you are a parent looking for a school place, a school looking to join a Trust or a member of the education profession looking for your next opportunity I would like to warmly welcome you to visit me at one of our schools to find out more about our organisation. 

Suzanne Flack - CEO  


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