The Redstart Primary School delighted by generous football donation

The Redstart Primary School were absolutely delighted when their PE Development Assistant, Jon Smith, approached his football club, Forton Rangers and their sponsors, EcoElectrix, and asked for sponsorship money to purchase some new footballs for pupils at Redstart.

Forton Rangers and EcoElectrix both very kindly agreed and awarded the school a sum of money.  This pot of money was added to by Jon's own organisation, Rebel's Runners, and the school was able to buy 30 new footballs.  These new footballs will be enjoyed by all the pupils at Redstart during their PE lessons and will help them to develop their ball skills, whilst improving their fitness, health and well-being.

Jon Smith said "It's so important that the children are keeping active during lockdown whilst so many clubs are forced to close".

Both The Redstart Primary School and The Redstart Leaning Partnership would like to thank Forton Rangers, EcoElectrix and Rebel’s Runners for their kind donations and who knows we could be training the next Kelly Smith MBE or Jack Grealish, watch this space!

Redstart y5 footballs

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