Food Bank - caring for our families at this difficult time

The Redstart Learning Partnership cares very deeply about the schools, children and families who make up the communities that we serve. We know that people from every part of our society are suffering hardship at this time, with money worries, job concerns and the simple pressure of being cooped up at home for most of every day.

As a practical way of expressing our concern, we are setting up two temporary food banks for the families that we serve. One will be based at Holy Trinity in Taunton, the other at Redstart in Chard.

Our aim is to provide a food box every week to every one of our families who asks for one. 

This enterprise is entirely dependent on the generosity and good will of our staff, parents and communities. We are working with other local organisations to co-ordinate this provision, trying to ensure that every child and every family has enough food to eat. We can only provide what we are given or funded to buy.

We are delighted to announce that we have raised nearly £6000 through the Crowdfunder and a further £12,000 through successful bids.  Our thanks go to Tesco, The National Lottery Community Fund and Cooper Associates for their kind contributions. 

The food bank is currently feeding 76 families per week which supports over 220 children and over 140 adults and we are pleased to have sufficient funding to keep this going until the end of September. 

We would be very grateful for any financial donation, however small.

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